Thomas E. Lannon

The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon was built in 1997 in Essex, MA. The Thomas E. Lannon is named for owner Tom Ellis’ maternal grandfather, who fished out of Gloucester from 1901-1943. The Lannon was designed by Capt. Harold A. Burnham, whose family has been building boats in Essex since 1650. The ship’s lines are based on those of the Gloucester fishing schooner Nokomis, designed by Capt. George Melville McClain in 1903. Thomas E. Lannon is a family owned and operated vessel that focuses on keeping the history of schooners and the Gloucester fishing industry alive by taking people out sailing to give them a first-hand experience.
Photo by Len Burgess.

Thomas E. Lannon was awarded a medal by the Massachusetts Humane Society for his role in a daring rescue at sea on October 30, 1908.


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